sl_podcast (sl_podcast) wrote in obama08,

Can't Be in D.C. this week? Check out the Green Ball 2009 Tonight!

From Washington D.C., Monday, January 19th at 10:15pm Eastern, the Sold-Out Green Inaugural Ball 2009 will be webcast to the world in HD.

The broadcast will be seen on sites across the web including here, and

The event showcases the movers and shakers in the green movement and political arenas. Chaired by Al Gore the webcast will feature THE GREEN CARPET, Behind-The-Scenes and Interviews with Talent and Industry Experts.

This event celebrates the new green economy, the inauguration of Barack Obama and Joseph Biden and the opportunity to work with the new Administration and new Congress to ensure a better future with shared prosperity for all while protecting the health of the planet.

Official Site:
Official Live Twitter: @greenball2009
Official Blog:

I got to design the official blog - so check it out..... should be an awesome night!

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